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We welcome James Dabill as an LV Ambassador with a Game of Bike against Kriss Kyle

April 11th, 2019


When Red Bull BMX rider, Kriss Kyle – already a Leighton Vans ambassador – realised that seven-times trials bike champion, James Dabill, was collecting his new van at the same time as him, he thought it wouldʼve been rude not to meet up and have a play out on the bikes together.
We spent three days with Kriss and James, what a three days they were!

Day 1 started with James sneaking into the LV HQ after getting impatient waiting for his new van. CCTV cameras caught him riding through the building with nothing getting in his way to then find his brandnew VW T6 204PS transporter waiting for him on the turntable. With the bike loaded and automatic tailgate closed, James fired up the van and blasted out the tunes, hitting the road in his stunning new machine.
What James had to say: “One of the raddest things I have done on my Trials bike. Been able to work with the Legend Kriss Kyle along with Leighton vans on this project was an Absolute pleasure. The van is insane, Leighton do so much different stuff to cater for your needs and match a van to your personality.” Check out the video here –

Day 2 saw us head to Asylum Skate Park ( ) where Kriss and James had decided they wanted to do a game of ‘bikeʼ. We were a little apprehensive to say the least and werenʼt sure how James would fair up on his monster trials bike against Kriss on his nimble BMX in his usual playground environment. But to say we were amazed would be an understatement. James matched Kriss trick-for-trick and even threw in some sneaky stunts of his own to try and throw Kriss off. Check out the game of bike video here –

Day 3 saw us head into Sheffield city centre with Kriss to do what he does best at some of the cityʼs local landscapes. First, we headed to Devonshire Green Skate Park where Kriss got warmed up pulling off some of his signature moves. We then all went out for a ride through Sheffield to show Kriss some of the local sites and grab a coffee. After a full day or riding Kriss loaded up his new van and headed for home in his new VW T6 204 Transporter. Check out the video here

Kriss Kyle said: “I couldn’t of imagined a better van than my last one. I didn’t think it was possible! Turns out it is and I’m seriously over the moon and beyond with this new beast! Stoked to have a the 4 motions this year as I’m going to be on some off road adventures with my mountain bike. Hanging out with James was awesome! Such a sick dude, stoked to be able to have the amazing opportunity to ride with such an absolute legend! And do something that’s never been done before.”

Big thank you to everyone involved: Kriss Kyle, James Dabill, Ampmedia, Revo, AJ Walker Photography, Asylum Skatepark.

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